Electricity suppliers

Competition in the electricity market has intensified since the industry's deregulation. With more competition amongst electricity suppliers the potential savings on your electricity bill by switching provider has increased rapidly.

At any one time in a continuously changing market there is a wide variety of difference in prices between the standard and discounted or online tariffs of electricity suppliers. This makes scouring the market for the best deal more important than ever. You could find yourself saving hundreds of pounds each year by switching electricity supplier today.

Remember, the cheapest tariffs are online and further discounts are available if you pay by direct debit and choose the paperless billing option.

Switching electricity supplier is a hassle free process. By shopping around and comparing the market you could save hundreds of pounds each year. Your new electricity provider will take care of everything else, from wiring to your meter leaving you to sit back and count the savings.

With myfinances.co.uk you can search every UK electricity supplier available in your area bringing you the cheapest prices available and ensuring you are on the cheapest tariff to keep your energy bills as low as possible.

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