Double Glazing Birmingham Give the Answers You Need on Whether the Benefits of Double Glazing Are Worth the Cost

A comprehensive answer as to whether double glazing is worth the money customers pay for it has proved elusive over the years. The question was posed to the marketing manager of leading double glazing company in Birmingham, Double Glazing Birmingham, who said that not only is double glazing a sound investment, much of the information regarding the subject online is misleading. “How can someone say that double glazing is not a sound investment when they are unable to determine what constitutes a sound investment in windows?” he asked. “You will find that most consumers and commentators look at double glazing only from the angle of durability and how much energy it saves them, then struggle to justify the installation and maintenance costs”. What then are the other factors that must be explored? Double Glazing Birmingham’s Sales Representative in Birmingham was kind enough to elaborate.

Double Glazing Birmingham Says That Users and Reviewers Would Have a Change of Opinion on Double Glazing if They Considered These Factors

“It is clear that some window materials last longer than others”, said the Double Glazing Birmingham Birmingham sales representative. “Timber and aluminium-clad timber are extremely durable compared to other window materials. A well-maintained aluminium-clad timber window will last for about 6 decades.
By using these tough materials that last so long for double glazing, you will save lots of money on maintenance or replacement”. She also talked about how many homeowners in the UK incur damages and loss due to burglary and fire. The representative revealed that Double Glazing Birmingham double glazed windows are fire and burglary proof, features that could have drastically reduced the number of reported fire and burglary incidents between 2015 and 2016 in the UK- totalling more than 1.2 million.
Inevitably, the representative was asked about the energy efficiency of double glazed windows. “Double glazing, when done properly, saves a property up to 50% more heat and thus increases energy efficiency very significantly”, said the representative. “Our low-E and solar glass materials make our windows even more energy-efficient”. She then explained that laminated, double glazed windows are very tough and yet skin-friendly, all of which saves customers from injury.

Brief Information on Double Glazing Birmingham

Double Glazing Birmingham offers a wide range of windows services including double glazed windows installation, repair and replacement. The company calls on their years of experience, technological capabilities and professional staff to provide Birmingham residents with cost-effective windows solutions. Double Glazing Birmingham also provides cost-effective double glazing solutions for customers that have special design requirements. Media Contact – Name – Angela Howard
Company – Double Glazing Birmingham
Phone – 0800 246 5843
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