Direct Line loans

Direct Line has loans between £2,000 and £75,000, with decisions made within ten hours on online applications.

Direct Line loan customers also get a ten per cent discount on car insurance.

Direct Line does not use any third parties to sell its loan products. They are only available via its website and call centres. To find more details about the personal loan deals available visit the Direct Line website.

Loans and Credit News

17% of people run out of funds 3 weeks into the month

17 per cent of British workers will struggle financially before payday arrives

Some 17 per cent of British workers will struggle to pay for daily spending after the three-week mark in a month, according to new research

Government deficit yet to benefit from economic upturn

Government borrrowing rose slightly in July

The latest government borrowing figures reveal that spending is rising, outstripping tax receipts in July, a month that normally sees a surplus.

Half of payday loan borrowers say it was a positive experience

Payday loans can be a short-term debt solution

A new survey by uSwitch has found that 51 per cent of payday loan borrowers found the experience to be a positive one and that many believe they provide a service unavailable from most banks.

NIESR predicts UK economic recovery gathered pace in July

NIESR estimates the economy grew by 0.7% in the last 3 months

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) says the positive momentum in the UK economy is continuing, with the economy growing by 0.7% in the three months to July.

Payday victims encouraged to complain to the FOS

The CAB is encouraging payday borrowers to fight back

The Citizens Advice Bureau has encouraged payday loan borrowers to make an official complaint to the FSO if they have been treated unfairly by a lender

Welby embarrassed by Church's indirect Wonga investment

Archbishop Welby has stated an inquiry will occur into the matter

The Church of England has faced an embarrassing blow after it emerged that it may have indirectly invested in online lender Wonga.

Welby vs Wonga as Church of England takes on Wonga

The Most Rev Justin Welby is taking on lender Wonga

The Archbishop of Canterbury has revealed that the Church of England is planning to force online lender Wonga out of business by competing against it.

GDP figures to show UK economic recovery accelerating

Official data out this week is expected to show output grew in the UK in the second quarter of 2013

The first estimate of GDP figures for the second quarter of 2013 are expected to show that the UK economy doubled the growth of 0.3 per cent in the first quarter to 0.6 per cent.

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