Higher fuel prices led to reduce consumption in July, says the AA

July fuel price hike causes motorists to cut back

The cost of fuel went up by almost 5p a litre in July causing motorists to reduce consumption to levels normally seen in the winter.

Petrol prices are to be cut again

Supermarkets cut petrol prices to fuel new price war

The main UK supermarkets have announced another round of fuel price cuts, this time to petrol after last week's cut to diesel prices in a welcome move for motorists.

Diesel costs are being cut by up to 2p-a-litre

Diesel prices to be cut by 2p-a-litre as fuel price war hots up

Three supermarkets have announced that they are to cut the cost of diesel by 2p-a-litre providing some respite for cash-strapped motorists.

Petrol sales have fallen by almost 20% in just five years, says the AA

Fuel sales down 10% in 5 years as motorists hit by high prices

Overall fuel sales have fallen by almost 10% since 2007 as motorists use less due to high prices and opt for fuel efficient vehicles.

Petrol prices are up by 5p-a-litre in the last month

Osborne urged to cut fuel duty as prices edge towards new high

Petrol prices have risen by 5p-a-litre in the last month to reach an average of 137.9p and with a planned 3p fuel duty increase expected they could soon be at a record high.

Asda leads the way with 2p a litre petrol and diesel price cuts

Fuel prices at 4-month low after Asda cuts prices by 2p a litre

Asda announces a 2p a litre cut in the cost of petrol and diesel and other supermarkets promise to cut prices it takes fuel costs to the lowest for four months.

UK motorists have restricted petrol usage due to its high cost

UK petrol sales decline by 10% despite price drop

Petrol sales fell by nearly half a billion litres between April and June this year compared to the same period in 2011 even though prices fell during the 2nd quarter.

Asda has cut petrol prices by 3p a litre

Asda petrol and diesel cuts spark supermarket price war

Asda has cut the cost of petrol and diesel by 3p a litre across its 203 UK stores and other supermarkets are set to follow suit and spark a supermarket price war.

Petrol prices are close to a record high again

Whistle-blower lifts lid on "rigged" oil prices

MPs were told that the oil futures commodity market is being rigged on "a daily basis" driving up fuel prices as they insist the government investigates further.

The OFt is to launch an investigation into fuel costs

OFT launch competition inquiry into petrol and diesel prices

The Office of Fair Trading has launched a review into the prices paid by UK motorists for petrol and diesel amid concerns that competition is being undermined.

The AA warns petrol prices are on course to reach a record high

AA warns that petrol prices set to rise to record high

The AA warns that petrol and diesel prices rose by 2.5 per cent in July and are on course to reach a record high by the end of August and could damage the economy.

Falls in petrol prices have been outpaced in the drop in oil costs

UK petrol prices fall by 8p a litre in just two months

UK motorists have benefited from a six per cent drop in the cost of petrol since April, but during the same time wholesale oil prices fell by 18 per cent.

Sainsbury's has announced a 3p cut in fuel prices from today

Petrol prices set to be cut by a further 3p a litre

Sainsbury's has announced that it is to cut the cost of petrol and diesel by three pence a litre from today and it is expected that other retailers will follow suit.

Unleaded petrol has reached a new record price

Petrol prices reach a new record high

The average price of a litre of unleaded petrol has reached a new record high of 142.48 pence per litre, reports the AA, who say the government needs to address speculators.

Acas is holding talks aimed at averting a fuel delivery strike

Acas hold talks between Unite and fuel tanker delivery firms

New talks begin today hosted by Acas between the Unite union representing tanker delivery drivers and haulage firms over the long-running dispute over pay and conditions.

There are concerns that some petrol stations will have delayed fuel deliveries

Government changes fuel top up advice to drivers

The government has said that there is no need to top up fuel tanks after an Easter fuel tanker delivery strike has been averted.

Millions of drivers facing chaos at the pumps

Easter fuel strike averted

An Easter Bank Holiday fuel strike has been averted after the Unite union said it would join talks with the conciliatory service Acas.

Petrol and diesel prices have risen to a new record high

Petrol and diesel prices hit record high

The cost of a litre of petrol or diesel has hit a new record high of 140.2p and 146.72p a litre respectively adding £8 a month to the average monthly fuel bill.

Petrol prices rising again

Petrol and diesel prices reach record levels

Britain’s petrol and diesel prices have reached a record high of 137.44 pence per litre for petrol and 144.67 pence per litre for diesel.

UK motorists pay the highest proportion of duty and tax on fuel in Europe

Brits pay most fuel duty and tax in Europe for petrol and diesel

Official figures from the European Commission reveals that UK motorists pay the highest proportion of fuel duty and taxes on diesel and petrol in the European Union.

George Osborne is set to disappoint motorists with his budget next month

Osborne rules out fuel duty cuts in budget

George Osborne will ignore calls for a cut in fuel duty in his budget next month in favour of business tax cuts and extending the tax-free allowance.

Oil prices are at their highest since last June

Oil prices hit eight month high as Iran halts UK exports

Oil prices have reached an eight month peak amid mounting tension over Iran's nuclear programme. The supplier has banned crude exports to the UK and France.

The cost of a litre of diesel has reached a record high

Diesel costs reach record high of 143.05 pence per litre

According to new data the cost of diesel has reached 154.05 pence per litre, a new record, overtaking the previous high seen last May at the height of the "Arab spring".

UK motorists pay an average of 133.5 pence per litre of unleaded petrol

UK motorists now pay more than £6 a gallon for unleaded petrol

The AA has released its fuel price report for January 2012 which shows that UK motorists pay an average of 133.5 pence for a litre of petrol and 141.9 for a litre of diesel

The gap in the cost of a litre of petrol and diesel is now 7.25p

Reduction in fuel costs not being passed onto diesel customers

The AA reports that whilst petrol customers are paying less for a litre of fuel, diesel customers are not as the gap between the cost of a litre of both reaches 7.25 pence.

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