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Insolvency Service urges young people with debt to seek help

Insolvency Service urges young people with debt to seek help

Young people in Britain may be facing more debt than ever, but they have been advised that help is available.

Clegg hits back at France over triple-A rating euro row

Nick Clegg has hit back at French criticism of the UK economy

Nick Clegg has called comments by senior French politicians about the UK economy "simply unacceptable" as tensions ramp up between the UK and France over the veto.

IMF chief Lagarde warns of new 'great depression'

Cjristine Lagarde the head of the IMF warns that all countries are at risk from recession

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) christine Lagarde has warned that the world faces the risk of "economic retraction" last seen in the 1930's.

Markets lukewarm on EU treaty deal as PM warned over UK isolation

Stock markets fall after the new EU treaty agreement

European stock markets fell on the first day of trading following agreement by 26 European Union members on a new treaty to control budgets and debt that the UK has opted out of.

Cameron defends UK's decision to opt out of new EU treaty

David Cameron has defended his decision to not sign up to a new EU treaty

David Cameron has defended his decision to use the UK's veto to opt out of a new EU treaty that will impact on members budgets and spending policies.

UK vetoes EU treaty changes over Tobin tax safeguards

David Cameron has vetoed the UK joining a new EU treaty

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron has vetoed the UK joining a new European Union treaty saying that the Uk cannot accept the new treaty without safeguards.

ECB cuts interest rate to one per cent

The European Central Bank cut interest rates to one per cent today

The European Central bank has cut interest rates from 1.25 per cent to one per cent in a reversal of the policy followed by Mario Draghi's predecessor Jean-Claude Trichet.

What are alternative investments?

Alternative investments can be a safer investment in times of stock market turmoil

Simon Greenspan, former futures trader at Tullett Brown, explains the concept of Alternative Investments and why they are so important to a diverse portfolio.

Manufacturing output drop fuels UK double-dip recession fears

Manufacturing output fell by 0.7 per cent in October, according to the ONS

A sharp fall in UK manufacturing output of 0.7 per cent in October in official figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) makes a recession more likely.

France and Germany could lose S&P AAA credit rating

S&P has put Germany and France on 'credit watch'

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's has put 15 eurozone nations including France and Germany on 'credit watch' meaning there is a 50:50 chance their credit ratings could be cut.

HSBC hit by £10.5m record FSA fine for mis-selling to elderly

HSBC has been fined £10.5m by the FSA

HSBC has been fined £10.5 million by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for mis-selling investment bonds to elderly customers living in retirement homes.

CBI says high executive pay must be linked to performance

The CBI recommends that executive pay is linked to performance

The CBI has released a report that recommends high levels of executive pay must be linked to performance and that pay packages should be simplified and transparent.

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