Paper notes could be replaced by plastic notes in 2016

Bank of England asks the public their view on plastic notes

The Bank of England is launching a two-year consultation on plastic bank notes which it says are more secure, durable and better for the environment with a view to using them as currency from 2016.

A new coin from the Royal Mint is "rubbish" says a trader

Royal Mint's first £20 coin not "worth more than £8"

A coin dealer claims that the latest commemorative coin from the Royal Mint is not worth more than £8 or £9 pound.

Jane Austen will be the image on the new £10 note

Jane Austen selected to keep a female face on Bank notes

Author Jane Austen has been selected to appear as the new image on the new £10 note due to be printed from 2017.

Jane Austen is the leading candidate to replace Charles Darwin on the £10 note

Supporters of women on bank notes stage Bank of England protest

Supporters of women on banknotes have held a protest outside the Bank of England. Novelist Jane Austen has been tipped bas the likely candidate to be the next woman to appear on UK bank notes.

The pound fell against the dollar

Sterling recovers after central bank postpones further QE

Sterling fell against the dollar and the euro ahead of the eagerly awaited decision of the Bank of England as to whether to add to the £375bn QE programme.

Top travel money tips for holidaymakers

Make your money travel further this summer

The pound is now at a three and a half year high against the euro – but holidaymakers can make their money stretch even further simply by planning ahead.

'Regional variation' in currency exchange rates

Exchange rates for tourists can vary by 5% in "postcode lottery"

Holidaymakers are being hit by a postcode lottery on currency exchange rates that means rates can vary by up to five per cent, research by Which? reveals.

The new RBS £10 note celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee

RBS issues special £10 note to celebrate Queen's Golden Jubilee

The Royal Bank of Scotland has issued a commemorative £10 note to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee, drawing on royal links to the Scottish bank.

Brits are advised to consider buying euros now, as the rate has hit a 19-month high

Holidaymakers urged to buy euros now as rate at 19-month high

British holidaymakers who plan to travel in the eurozone this year are being advised to consider buying their euros now as the rate hits €1.21, a 19-month high.

Prepaid my Travel Cash card aims to reward shopping abroad

Prepaid my Travel Cash card aims to reward shopping abroad

People hoping to shop abroad for their Christmas presents this year could benefit from taking out a my Travel Cash currency card.

The Bank of England launches a new £50 note today

New Boulton & Watt £50 note features enhanced motion thread security

The Bank of England launches a new £50 note depicting both entrepreneur Matthew Bolton and engineer James Watt today and it features improved security measures.

Sending money abroad can work out cheaper using a currency broker

Currency brokers can be cheaper than banks for money transfers

If you are sending money overseas, it pays to find alternatives to high street banks. Currency brokers can provide better advice and cheaper transactions.

Britons are paying over the odds for their holiday cash, it has been argued

Brits pay too much for foreign currency, OFT to investigate

Consumer Focus has issued a super-complaint to the Office of Fair Trading over "unnecessarily complex and confusing" charges paid by Britons for foreign exchange.

Go online to find the best deal on foreign currency

How to cut the cost of travel money

Brokers that advertise currency exchange with 0% commission might not be offering as good a deal as you think, because the exchange rates are not competitive. Go online and compare to find the best deal.

Join travel currency experts for a live webcast

Live webcast: How to make your holiday money go further

Join M&S money expert James Yerkess and Sean Tipton from ABTA at 1pm on Tuesday 19th July for a special webcast where you can put your questions to them on how to make your holiday money work for you this summer.

Consumers feel insecure carrying more than £208

Consumers "unwilling to carry more than £208"

New research from The Payments Council reveals that people get nervous carrying around cash of more than £208.

Travellers urged to plan ahead before heading overseas

Plan currency before travelling to save says

Planning ahead before making a trip abroad can save Britons up to £9 in every £100 of foreign currency, it has been suggested.

There are many options for holiday currency

How to get the best deal on your holiday money

If you are planning a holiday abroad this summer follow our guide to tavel money that takes you through the best options on how to spend overseas.

eToro has released an intuitive currency trading platform

New forex trading tool from eToro

A new forex trading tool from eToro allows novice traders to track the investment decisions of experts, copy their trades and trade with virtual money until their expertise grows.

UK's 2010 GDP falls short of expectations by 0.5 per cent

Shock GDP figures send sterling value down

Preliminary estimates of the UK's gross domestic product (GDP) for 2010 have shocked economists.

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