Corporation Tax

Vodafone has paid no UK tax for the second year running

Vodafone use tax breaks to pay no UK corporation tax

Mobile phone giant Vodafone has paid no corporation tax for the second year in a row. It says its investment and interest payments wiped out any tax due on £5bn turnover.

Google is to be called back to face questions from MPs over tax

MPs call back Google for more questions over tax

The Public Accounts Committee is to call Google back to answer questions on whether sales staff are based in the UK.

Npower has paid no UK corporation tax for 3 years

Npower pays no tax for 3 years despite higher profits and prices

One of the UK'd biggest energy suppliers, Npower has paid no corporation tax in the UK for three years as £5billion of investment in alternative power is tax deductable.

The G20 pledges corporate tax crackdown

Osborne calls on G20 to work together to combat tax avoidance

The G20 group of countries has pledged to work together to ensure that global companies pay the right levels of tax to the countries they have earned the profits in.

Vodafone are one firm that have been criticised for the structure of its tax arrangements

Tax rate paid by FTSE 100 firms drops for 4th year in a row

New research suggests that the effective rate of corporate tax paid by FTSE 100 firms has dropped from 38.5 per cent in 2009 to just 24.5 per cent today.

Starbucks stores are to be the target of protests this weekend

Starbucks stores targeted by activists over tax payments

Around 50 Starbucks stores were targeted by activists from UK Uncut this weekend despite promising to pay £20 million in tax in the next two years.

Starbucks has agreed to pay extra corporation tax

Starbucks to pay £20m corporation tax after customer revolt

Following the negative publicity from one of its executives appearance before MPs, Starbucks has agreed to pay corporation tax of around £20 million over the next two years.

MPs have been highly critical of multinational firms tax arrangements

Osborne to make "immoral" Starbucks and Google pay more tax

George Osborne is investing money into the UK tax authorities to help collect more tax after MPs accused multinational companies of "immoral" tax avoidance.

Three top multinational firms are to answer questions on tax

Starbucks chief denies lying to shareholders over UK profits

The head financial man at Starbucks, Troy Alstead has denied lying to shareholders that his company consistently makes a loss in the UK as he faced a grilling from the PAC.

Thames Water is one of the companies that pays little corporation tax in the UK

Three UK water firms pay tiny tax bills despite big dividends

Three of the UKs top water companies, Thames, Anglian and Yorkshire Water are paying tiny amounts of corporation tax despite paying bosses high salaries and making big dividend payments.

The BBC is at the centre of a storm over tax affairs of some senior staff

BBC staff use "off payroll" systems to pay less tax

Staff at the BBC and around 2,500 other civil servants have been criticised by MPs for using "off-payroll" tax systems to potentially pay less tax and national insurance.

The NAO has concluded that HMRC's dealings in negotiating tax settlements with five big businesses were "reasonable"

Audit Office concludes Voda and GS tax deals were "reasonable"

The National Audit Office has concluded that five tax deals cut by HMRC with large firms were "reasonable" although they have some concerns over the processes followed.

George Osborne, the Chancellor delivers his budget on Wednesday March 21st

Budget 2012 preview: What will Chancellor Osborne announce?

George Osborne announces his budget on Wednesday with precious little "wiggle room". Economic growth is required whilst maintaining his deficit reduction programme. We assess his likely choices.

The Chancellor, George Osborne will debate economic policy at the Conservative conference today

IOD unveils 15-point 'Route Back to Growth' plan

The Institute of Directors has published a plan for economic growth that calls for a cut in the 50p rate of income tax and a further round of quantitative easing.

HMRC cut the gap in tax collection in 2009-10, according to their own figures

HMRC cuts lost tax gap by ten per cent

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has cut the amount of tax that went uncollected by £4bn, from £39bn in 2008-09 to £35bn in 2009-10.

David Cameron launches a new policy to encourage business

Cameron backs new businesses with StartUp Britain scheme

The Prime Minister, David Cameron will announce a new initiative called 'StartUp Britain' today which is backed by successful businesses and designed to encourage entrepreneurs.

All of the reaction to budget 2011

The reaction to the 2011 budget

As the dust settles on George Osborne's budget we take a look at the reaction to the policy announcements from many key stakeholders who give their view on whether it will give the economy the required fuel injection.

Planned fuel duty increases are to be cancelled

Budget 2011: What does it mean for you?

Who were the winners and losers in this years budget and how will the measures announced by George Osborne affect you?

George Osborne has presented his budget for 2011

Budget 2011: Key points at a glance

George Osborne has delivered his budget and it contains cuts in Corporation Tax, an increase in personal allowances, the reversal of fuel duty and the creation of extra apprenticeships for young people.

George Osborne delivers his first budget on March 23rd 2011

The Budget 2011: A Preview

The Chancellor, George Osborne, delivers the 2011 budget on Wednesday March 23rd. What will the budget contain, how will it help business, what will happen to fuel prices and who will be the winners and losers?

HMRC 'reminds businesses of changes to Corporation Tax'

HMRC highlights Corporation Tax changes

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has reminded UK businesses of the changes to Corporation Tax that will come into effect next month.

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