Cities to Relocate to for Business in Europe

Relocating your business can be the move that takes it to the next level: opening up new markets, reducing costs and gaining access to a pool of expertise might well be just some of the benefits, but it’s a major decision and in these uncertain times it’s a particularly tough one. The political landscape of Europe is changing fast: the pressures of Brexit, the migrant crisis and dwarfing all else, the Covid pandemic.  All economies will suffer and all businesses will face a dramatically challenging future; it is not a time for the faint hearted, but as with all times of crisis, there will be opportunities for those bold enough to seize them.

London, United Kingdom

A centre for global trade and finance, London is home to more bank HQs than anywhere else in the world. It is also home to four world class universities and its airports handle more international passengers than any other city in the world. A cultural melting pot it attracts huge investment to its thriving tech start-up sector.

Zurich, Switzerland

Highly regarded for its economic and political stability, Zurich is a major international banking hub.  The city is also home to many multinationals, world class research institutions and a burgeoning tech hub sector. Zurich offers sophisticated living in a crime free environment in the heart of Europe.

Paris, France

One of the most visited cities in the world, Paris is famed for its art, architecture and cuisine, but it also a world class business centre. The city’s conference and exhibition centres attract over 9 million visitors every year and Paris is also home to 500 corporate headquarters. The Paris area has the highest research and development expenditure in Europe and Europe’s largest inventory of real estate.

Lisbon, Portugal

Since 2016, Lisbon has been home to Websummit, an indication of its rising importance in the tech world.  The Portuguese government has been very effective in encouraging start-ups from around the globe to choose their city, offering tax incentives, golden visa schemes and targeted on-line support. A well-educated pool of STEM graduates are available for hire at half the cost of most other European cities, office space is some of the cheapest in Europe and the average rental price of properties in the capital is €1374, making it a much more affordable place to live compared to cities like London. Lisbon airport is connected to 120 cities and the capital is just a short hop from the glorious beaches of the Algarve which enjoy pretty much year-round sunshine.

Berlin, Germany

Dramatic changes in legislation can prove a real headache for foreign business but Berlin has an enviable record of legislative and economic stability which make it a safe haven in uncertain times. Clean and green, Berlin acts as a magnet for international talent and its English-speaking population makes life easy for British firms which relocate.  Increasingly attracting important start-ups, Berlin offers comparatively cheap office space in a modern, sophisticated city in the heart of Europe.


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