How much is private hire taxi insurance?

June 8, 2021 Charles Knox 0

Private hire taxi insurance rates depend on many factors, such as the vehicle and the driver’s age, experience and previous driving-related claims/convictions. However, according to NimbleFins, private hire taxi insurance typically starts from £150-£200 per […]


Limited company insurance requirements

April 23, 2021 Charles Knox 0

A limited company’s insurance requirements depend on a number of factors, largely its line of work, where it operates, how many members of staff it has, its turnover and other risks. All businesses that have […]


Do I need insurance as a freelancer?

February 27, 2021 Charles Knox 0

Yes, if you`re a freelancer you need insurance to protect yourself from a number of risks. Without the security of being an employee for a company, you could be financially vulnerable. There are different types […]