Caravan Insurance: Protection on the road

Caravans are highly susceptible to theft, weather damage and accidents (especially when in transit) therefore insurance for motor homes is big business.

Caravan insurance covers much of the same things as motor insurance but with claims for storm damage prompting the third highest amount of claims – it’s likely to fall foul to a wider range of events than your average car.

Caravan insurance is available for static caravans, tourers and some policies will even insure against loss or damage to camping equipment. Policies provide cover some or all of the following:

  • Fire damage or loss – New for old cover is available if your caravan is destroyed to cover the cost of replacing the caravan at its original cost.
  • Theft or accidental loss– if the caravan is stolen
  • Accidental damage – if your caravan is involved in an accident, this will pay for repairs.
  • Third-party liability – cover if your caravan causes damage someone else’s property or a person.
  • Emergency recovery
  • Hiring replacement equipment or accommodation in the event of accident or loss.
  • Personal accident replacement – cover for accidental injury while using a caravan.

Policies for static and touring caravans vary enormously. Static caravans don’t benefit from being shielded from the elements or from theft risk as touring caravans do when not in use. However the dangers of the great British highways do not pose a risk to static caravans, either.

Reasons to have caravan insurance

Caravans are rarely covered in car insurance policies – so it is not a good idea to rely on your motor insurer paying up.

Caravans suffer a higher risk of theft – particularly for their contents. They also suffer from damage caused by the elements more than your car or home would.

How to buy caravan insurance

Specialist insurers exist to provide caravan insurance and are well worth checking out as they provide comprehensive plans. You can get quotes and information both online or by calling them direct but make sure you compare each insurers’ policy documents, which will often be available on the website. Compare different deals – shopping around can really pay off.

Organisations and clubs for caravanners such as the Caravan Club also provide insurance deals and again these benefit from expert knowledge. Price comparison websites are also starting to latch on to the growing demand. While these sites do not have specialist knowledge and are not authorised to provide financial advice, they do provide the best prices at a glance.


Check your policy covers European use. Different countries in the EU have different insurance requirements so read your policy and pay for any additions before setting off on caravanning holidays abroad.

Claims to replace items in the caravan, for example the air conditioning or shower unit, will often only be paid in full within a certain timescale – around seven years. After that, the insurer will take into account wear and tear. Again – check your policy.

Keeping your caravan safe and secure is essential if you want to avoid claims but also some insurers will not look kindly upon handing out claims to people who have skimped on security. Make sure you do all you can to keep your caravan secure and safe.

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