Car insurance

Car insurance is the most common type of insurance because everyone who owns a car is required to have car insurance by law.

The cost of car insurance has risen by a lot in the last five years because of the large amount of fraudulent claims that cost the industry and which are passed onto the consumer. You can still find low cost car insurance but it is important to search the whole of the market. 



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The costs from the at-fault insurer are being passed on to all motorists.

Car insurance premiums still too high, says watchdog

The Competition Commission has conducted a review into the motor insurance industry and reveals that prices are too high.

Car insurance for young drivers is falling, says the AA

Record annual drop in the cost of car insurance

The latest AA Insurance Index shows that car insurance has fallen by almost 10 per cent over the last 12 months and hone insurance costs are dropping too.

The AA says car and home insurance costs fell in 2013 Q1

AA reports both car and home insurance premiums down in price

The latest AA Insurance Premium Index shows that the cost of car and home insurance have both fallen in the first quarter of 2013.

Carrot Car insurance can save young drivers money

Telematics car insurance aims to provide carrot and no stick

A new initiative from Carrot Car Insurance gives rewards to young drivers for driving safely through a telematics ‘i-box’.

Car insurance premiums are falling, says the AA

Car insurance premiums fall but home insurance costs up, say AA

The AA’s latest Shoparound index for car and home insurance premiums shows car insurance costs are falling but there are wide variations due to the EU gender ruling.

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