Car insurance: Adrian Flux opens to Skype

Tuesday, 08 January 2008 12:00

Car insurer Adrian Flux is offering customers the chance to make claims or buy insurance by Skype.

The specialist insurer, which also runs Bikesure, will be taking advantage of internet telephony, or VoIP, technology to allow customers to call for free.

“There’s been a big rise in the number of people using Skype. We surveyed our own staff, and at least 15 per cent are using it regularly to cut their own phone bills”, said Gerry Bucke, commercial director at Flux.

“As long as people are using it, their calls won’t cost a penny, no matter how long, nor to which department.”

He went on to highlight a number of insurance company that use freephone 0800 numbers for initial sales, but force consumers to use numbers that charge for claims.

The Skype handles for the insurer are ‘adrianflux’ and ‘bikesure’.

Mr Bucke added using Skype makes contacting the company easier.

“It turns a phone number into a name. People type in ‘adrianflux’ or ‘bikesure’. They don’t have to remember our numbers,” he said.

“As time goes by, it’s an odds-on certainty dialling your insurer by name will be more appealing than having to remember a number.”

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