Can I get the hard drive back from insurers on broken laptop?

Monday, 10 September 2012 11:41

Vanessa Chance, an insurance expert from LV= answers the question:-

Lisa Armstrong asks:-

If my laptop is classified as not repairable by my insurance company, can I have the hard drive back?

Vanessa answers:-

The main reason that insurers keep damaged items that are being replaced is to prevent fraud. A fraudster may buy up second hand damaged goods so they can make a claim on their own insurance. It is also important to note that the point of an insurance policy is to put the customer back in the place they were before the incident occurred, not in a better position. So if the customer were to receive the old item back from the insurer and were then to sell it on they would benefit financially from it. It is standard practice that the insurer keeps the salvage.

If the customer really wants to keep the old item then the insurer may be able to make a deduction from the payment made to the customer to account for this and return the old laptop.

The other concern with returning damaged items is that they may hold personal information about the customer. If the customer then sells on the broken laptop for parts they could be passing on their personal information to potential fraudsters. Insurers suppliers will make sure that damaged items are disposed of correctly.

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