Can I be named on a new mortgage while I keep my current mortgage with a view to rent?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009 05:25

A reader from South Yorkshire wants to buy a property jointly with his girlfriend and rent out the property he already has mortgaged.

Drawing on years of experience, mortgage adviser Katie Tucker – of mortgage broker Mortgageforce – tackles the problem.

John from Rotherham asks:

I am wanting to buy a property with my girlfriend.

I currently have a mortgage and a property of my own which I can comfortably afford and was wondering if it is possible to be named on my girlfriend’s mortgage as a named partner and take my salary into consideration, whilst keeping my own mortgage going on my own with a view to rent my property out.

Katie replies:

Hi John,

Yes, if you are going to let your property out, many lenders will allow you to use your income on a new property.

Often though, you have to prove that you have converted your existing property into a Buy-to-Let mortgage.

I recommend that you get a mortgage broker to find the right lenders for you if you choose this option.

Alternatively, if you have enough income to cover both the properties, you can keep them as a first and second home.

Lenders will normally ask that the mortgages make a total of less than 4 x your income.

Ask the mortgage broker to speak to Cheltenham and Gloucester and Coventry Building society too.

If you have a question for Katie, go to the Ask the Mortgage Expert section.

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