Can a lender change the terms of a mortgage after a delay that was caused by them?

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 12:27

Mark Hollands, a director of independent mortgage broker, London Money, answers the question:-

Marg Britton asks:-

"Can a lender change the rate and length of mortgage after illistration when delay is caused by lender losing documents and taking a month to ask  questions to documents faxed? The ilistration  was done early oct 2012"

Mark answers:-

Unfortunately, up until legal completion the Lender does reserve the right to change the terms of the mortgage and should provide you with a new illustration outlining full details.  If you have already paid a booking fee to reserve a particular mortgage product then there is usually a date whereby you must take the mortgage out or you risk losing both the rate and the booking fee.  What I would say however is that if this delay is the fault of the lender in question then you should have grounds for complaint so I would recommend taking this matter further by way of an official complaint.

Further details on complaints procedures can be found by going to the website of the financial ombudsman

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