A broadband internet connection allows users to watch videos and listen to music in real time, download music, films, software and play games online. There are loads of fantastic broadband deals with different prices, connection speeds, length of contracts, terms and conditions, and a variety of extra add-ons.

There are many providers of a broadband service and finding the best deal can be complicated and time consuming. Watch out for bonus deals. There are many that are enticing but ask how long the contract is and what price will you pay at the end of the bonus period and for how long before you decide.

Comparing the broadband market is not easy – some providers are specialist broadband-only providers offering excellent customer service dedicated to bringing you the fastest internet connection around. Most major broadband providers offer cheap bundled packages that combine broadband with digital TV or phone or all three.

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Broadband being stopped in its tracks in rural areas

Rural rollout of broadband criticised by NAO

The National Audit Office has criticised the UK government’s rollout of broadband internet in rural areas, which has been delayed by nearly two years.

A new report highlights the differences in broadband services across the UK

Report highlights unfair broadband postcode lottery

A new report details the discrepancies of broadband services in the UK, with some parts of the country being forced on to higher tariffs at lower speeds with less choice.

Broadband end dates 'require greater clarity'

Broadband end dates 'require greater clarity'

Calls for transparency around broadband contract end dates

Broadband connection is increasingly a factor in property choices

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A new survey by the Halifax shows that a majority of people in the UK would pay up to three per cent more for a home if they knew it had a good broadband connection.

Ofcom has launched a consultation on price increases part-way through a contract

Ofcom consults on telecom/broadband mid-contract price hikes

The telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation on whether telecom, broadband and mobile firms should be allowed to raise prices part-way through a contract.

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