A new report highlights the differences in broadband services across the UK

Report highlights unfair broadband postcode lottery

A new report details the discrepancies of broadband services in the UK, with some parts of the country being forced on to higher tariffs at lower speeds with less choice.

Broadband being stopped in its tracks in rural areas

Rural rollout of broadband criticised by NAO

The National Audit Office has criticised the UK government's rollout of broadband internet in rural areas, which has been delayed by nearly two years.

Broadband connection is increasingly a factor in property choices

30% say broadband signal affects where they would buy a home

A new survey by the Halifax shows that a majority of people in the UK would pay up to three per cent more for a home if they knew it had a good broadband connection.

Ofcom has launched a consultation on price increases part-way through a contract

Ofcom consults on telecom/broadband mid-contract price hikes

The telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation on whether telecom, broadband and mobile firms should be allowed to raise prices part-way through a contract.

British Telecom set to raise prices in January

BT to raise prices by 5.9% in January 2013

British Telecom is set to raise prices on some of its phone and broadband services by 5.9 per cent from January 2013.

Students need to check five key areas before signing up for a broadband deal

Students need to be savvy to get the right broadband deal have issued advise for students heading off to university on how to get the best broadband deal.

Keep an eye on data roaming settings

How an idle mobile phone can still cost £336

A mobile phone with data roaming turned on could clock up charges of £336 – without even being used, new research reveals.

YouView offers a catch-up TV facility

Lord Sugar’s YouView TV and Samba’s free broadband unveiled

YouView, an internet TV service that combines digital Freeview channels with on-demand programming, has been launched by Lord Sugar in time for the Olympics.

Plusnet offering five months half price and cashback

Plusnet charges £16 for a year’s broadband and phone bundle

Budget broadband provider Plusnet has slashed the cost of its internet and home phone bundle, offering five months half price plus £50 cashback.

Profits boost for BT

BT profits rise despite a drop in sales

BT has reported a rise in annual profits, helped by super-fast broadband and spending cuts, despite a fall in sales revenues.

BSkyB announced record nine-month trading profits yesterday

Murdoch effect has no impact as BSkyB records record profit

The political fallout over the phone-hacking scandal and BSkyB's links to the Murdoch's have not affected trading results as the company records record profits.

89 per cent of broadband users believe broadband advertising is misleading

Nine in ten net users believe broadband advertising is misleading

A new survey reveals that 89 per cent of broadband users believe broadband advertising is misleading.

Broadband upgrade plans in the pipeline

Budget 2012: UK to roll out superfast broadband to 10 cities

The Chancellor has announced plans in today's Budget to fund ultra-fast broadband in 10 of the UK’s largest cities including Birmingham, Edinburgh and London.

The UK leads the way in e-commerce

UK leads G20 in utilising internet economy

New research indicates that the UK leads the way in using the internet economy with 13.5 per cent of all purchases made online in the UK in 2010 and this is set to rise.

Ofcom has announced new proposals to make broadband switching easier

Ofcom announce new broadband switching rules to benefit customers

Ofcom has announced a new set of rules to make switching broadband suppliers easier and to avoid the problem of "slamming" and interrupted internet access.

TiVo demand lifts Virgin Media into profit

Virgin Media’s first ever profit boosted by TiVo

Virgin Media has announced its first annual profit, assisted by a surge in demand for TiVo digital recorders and superfast broadband.

Broadband is getting quicker, says regulator

Average broadband speeds up by 22%, says Ofcom

Consumers in the UK are getting 22 per cent faster broadband speeds at home than they were 12 months ago, according to regulator Ofcom. urges caution when shopping online urges caution when shopping online

The importance of staying safe when buying online has been reiterated to Britons as the Christmas shopping season draws to a close.

Christmas shoppers warned to beware of online fraud

Christmas shoppers warned to beware of online fraud

Internet shoppers need to be careful of scams and fraud this Christmas, has warned.

Incahoot bring consumers together to negotiate better deals

Incahoot bring consumers together to save money on utilities

Ben Salisbury asks John Evans, the CEO of Incahoot how UK households can save money through bulk purchases and finds that insurance deals will join Incahoot's roster.

Talk Talk has had the most customer complaints for landline and broadband for the last nine months, Ofcom has said

Talk Talk tops Ofcom complaints list for phone and broadband

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has revealed it received the most complaints about telephone landline and broadband services provided by Talk Talk.

Leamington Spa has the best broadband speeds in the UK, it has been revealed

Britain's slowest streets for broadband revealed

The streets with the slowest broadband speeds in the country have been revealed in a new study.

Broadband providers are not giving customers the best deal, Ofcom has said

Ofcom bans phone and broadband rollover contracts

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is to ban rollover contracts from December 31st to increase the competitiveness of the broadband and landline markets.

TalkTalk and subsidiary Tiscali UK incorrectly billed 65,000 customers

TalkTalk and Tiscali UK fined £3m by regulators

Telecoms companies TalkTalk and Tiscali UK have been handed a £3 million fine by Ofcom after an investigation found they incorrectly billed 65,000 customers.

David Cameron has announced that 13 new enterprise zones will be created across England

Cameron announces 13 new enterprise zones for England

The Prime minister, David Cameron, has announced the creation of 13 new enterprise zones across the UK that will have low business rates, superfast broadband and less stringent planning laws in a bid to encourage economic growth.

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