Boosting Your Income: A Professional Guide to Making Money off of Your Van

As the markets take an uncertain stance, you may want to consider alternative ways to boost your income. Here’s an unconventional suggestion; a man and van business.

Before you write it off as a white van project (which it is anyway), don’t let the urban legend of the white van man scare you. There are monetary benefits to be made from a van, especially in the present market. By opening your mind to greater opportunities, you could be making additional income.

So, if you have a van in a shed somewhere, you may want to consider dusting and giving it a makeover. Here are some great ideas:

Courier services

Vans are perfect for conveying goods nationwide. As ecommerce and online retail businesses continue to expand, there’ll always be a need for product delivery. Purchase is as simple as swiping tabs on a mobile, and customers will require their purchased items to be delivered at their door step.

Enter your ‘man and van’ service. There are millions of people around the UK waiting to receive something they bought off the internet. Even if you only cover a limited geographical area, think about the revenue that could be made in those short trips. You don’t have to drive the van; connect with retails stores, hire a driver and you are good to start.


Become a transporter

You may not have martial arts skills or stack a pack of dress shirts in your boot like Jason Statham, but you can help people move from one location to another. As a transporter, you could move certain items for individuals and businesses. However, this area may be saturated, so as an alternative, consider specialised goods transportation.

Many people are cautious about moving items like priceless artefacts, pianos and other difficult products. Teach yourself (or staff) to transport these items and enter the niche market. In time, you could build a reputation among loyal customers and become their private transporter.

Start a food truck business

People always say you can’t go wrong with food. Unfortunately, there are already too many restaurants vying for customer attention. Instead of waiting for people to visit your food establishment, why not take it to them?

Your man and van comes to fore here. Food trucks are all about location; there’s some money to be made nourishing worn-out passers-by at open parks. But you should note there are certain restrictions and license permits to acquire. Take your food truck beyond the traditional crepes and sandwiches. Think bigger like, gourmet cup-cakes and wood-fire pizza.


Become a mobile advertiser

This depends on the location. I find university cities very lucrative for mobile advertising. Due to the fact that they constitute litter and are static, wall posters are becoming less popular methods of advertising. Event planners and club promoters prefer mobile advertising because they are environmental friendly and more flexible.

While you go about your usual courier business, you can make extra cash if your van is painted with ads. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

The white van man has evolved, you can be just as professional as the next stock broker. You could even dress the corporate look, like Jason Statham. Think of it as personal branding.


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