uSwitch supports Ofgem's recommendations to open up energy market

Big energy firms must "open up market" or face penalties

uSwitch has backed Ofgem's proposals that the energy market needs to be opened up to wider competition.

Brits struggling to cope in tough economic times

One in five families 'living on the edge' financially

Financial problems are pushing Britain’s families to breaking point, and many think family life is tougher than it was 10 years ago, according to research from Scottish Widows.

Brits hit with £1,800 of unplanned expenses

Average family faces £1,800 unexpected expenses a year

The average UK household has had to fork out £1,800 in unexpected payments in the past year, from car repairs to replacing the washing machine, research shows.

Households 'will pay £100 more for electricity'

Electricity bills to rise by £100 a year in energy reforms

Households will be charged around £100 a year more for electricity bills under plans to build nuclear power stations and wind farms over the next 20 years.

Over 55s still financially supporting their families

Aviva says over 55s earning more, but giving handouts to family

Over 55s’ incomes have hit their highest level since November 2010, but two-fifths are helping their family financially, a new report reveals.

UK's New year's resolutions focus on finance

UK's New year's resolutions focus on finance

Financial resolutions may be more important than diets and learning new languages for Britons in 2012.

Ofgem has written to utility companies asking them to explain their billing

Ofgem asks energy companies to explain billing

The energy regulator, Ofgem, has written to UK energy companies asking them to explain their billing procedures when a bill period covers two price tiers after a price rise. This follows mistakes made by EDF Energy announced this week.

British gas halts cold call doorstep sales

British Gas suspends doorstep selling

British Gas has put a three-month moratorium on cold call doorstep sales after coming under pressure for a leading consumer group.

Over six million households are struggling to keep up with their finances, it has been revealed

Six million households "financially vulnerable"

New research by Britain's national debt charity has shown more than six million households are walking a financial tightrope.

ScottishPower investigated over 'savings' claim

Ofgem to probe ScottishPower for Direct October 2012 pricing promise

ScottishPower's claim that its Direct October 2012 offer saves £459 has attracted the attention of industry regulator Ofgem.

Mobile phone services 'set for improvements'

Mobile phone services 'set for improvements'

Consumers will be able to benefit from more reliable and faster mobile phone services in future.

Poor households see their outgoings rise more

Inflation is higher for poorer households

Essential outgoings like food and energy cause real-terms inflation to be higher for poorer households.

Consumers 'should seek a better credit card deal'

Credit card rates go up despite interest rates remaining low

Switching to a new credit card may be an option some people wish to consider as the cost of borrowing is on the increase, despite the record low base rate of 0.5 per cent.

Consumers 'can lower energy bills despite price rises'

Consumers 'can lower energy bills despite price rises' have told consumers that it is possible to make savings on the cost of their energy bills by taking steps such as seeking a better deal and making changes in their household.

Energy price rises add nearly £200 to bills

Families face near-£200 increase in fuel bills

Cash customers face a £135 increase for gas and £51 on electricity following Scottish Power's price rise announced yesterday.

No 36-month mobile phone contracts for Europe

Telecoms law shake-up good news for consumers

New European telecoms laws mean mobile phone providers can no longer lock customers into 36-month contracts.

BT cuts cost per minute of calls to mobiles

Bank holiday calls to mobiles 'cheaper from landlines'

Cheaper phone bills could await anyone who makes a call from a landline to a mobile phone this bank holiday weekend.

Energy bills 'on the increase'

British Gas launch WebSaver 12 fixed energy tariff

Consumers have been advised to take a look at their energy bills as tariffs are currently in the process of changing.

Household bills could hit new high

Energy bills could hit all-time high

UK homes could see their energy bills rise to the highest they have been since 2009 if a trend in energy price hikes continues.

EU bans long mobile contracts

EU cracks down on mobile contracts

An EU ruling banning 36 month mobile contracts now means that customers can avoid being locked in to arrangements for lengthy terms, but the resulting increase in shorter contracts means higher monthly costs are being passed on.

Tesco to offer discount on E.ON bills

Tesco Clubcard offers money off E.ON energy bills

Partnership between supermarket and energy supplier could see reasonable savings for loyal customers.

High inflation leaves UK household budgets squeezed in real terms

UK household budgets squeezed by inflation and pay freezes

Inflation topping five per cent and continued pay freezes or low rises are combining to leave UK household budgets squeezed.

Morecambe Bay gas fields operated by Centrica could remain closed after this month's maintenance

Gas tax makes Centrica consider Morecambe Bay shutdown

Gas supplied to Centrica customers from the Morecambe Bay area could be replaced with wholesale-purchased alternatives as the company looks to enhance its profitability in the region.

Ofgem orders thirty day price hike notice

Energy price change notifications take effect

New ruling will mean suppliers cannot spring price changes on consumers, which should help customers be more prepared to deal with price hikes.

Hotel prices up for royal wedding weekend in London?

Hotel prices up for royal wedding weekend in London?

Hotel prices in London have been found to be 26 per cent more expensive for the nights before and after the royal wedding in comparison to the following weekend.

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