Bank of Ireland launches new range of cash ISAs

Tuesday, 22 November 2011 11:53

Governor Money has announced new rates for cash Isas, which could help savers maximise their investments.

The online cash savings platform said its 18-month fixed rate cash Isa will feature an AER of 3.50 per cent, while the corresponding five-year Isa is to have an AER of 4.50 per cent, both of which are market-leading deals,

Furthermore, the 15-month and four-year products will have rates of 3.20 per cent and 4.20 per cent AER respectively.

Savers will be able to manage their money and get good returns with a single account, as well as benefiting from personal rate alerts and current rate and maturity information.

Director at Governor Money Andrew Booth said: "In this environment, taking advantage of the Cash Isa allowance and seeking out the best rates can be a good way to boost returns for many savers."

The rates come from Bank of Ireland and are also available through

Governor Money is a subsidiary of Family Investments, which has more than 1.75 million customers in the UK.

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