Bad credit loans

Bad credit loans are provided for by specialist companies who can offer personal loans to an individual with a bad credit history. Interest rates are often higher than with a traditional personal loan provider but if you are unable to secure a loan that way taking a bad credit loan can provide a way to help mend your credit rating as well as accessing the funds you need.

If you have a poor credit rating, or are facing a CCJ or bankruptcy and in need of vital finances but keep being refused credit then there are a number of specialist lenders that target customers with bad credit histories. A bad credit loan is a loan designed for someone with a poor credit history or county court judgements (CCJs) and is therefore refused unsecured personal loans by many providers.

However, finding the right lender to supply you with the bad credit loan you require can be a pain-staking process. is here to help and will compare bad credit loans for you, saving you time and, more importantly, money by providing you with the cheapest bad credit loans available in the lender market.

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