Bad Credit Loan

The OFt is launching an investigation into the payday loans industry

OFT begin investigation into payday loan firms

The Office of Fair Trading will launch an investigation into the payday loans industry to make sure consumers in financial difficulties are being treated fairly. offer loans against watches, art, antiques and classic cars chief speaks to

Paul Aitken, CEO of, who were recently named 'Alternative lender of the year' by Credit Today talks to about the development of the company and its success.

Low value loans can be expensive

The dangers of bad credit and low value loans

Bad credit loans and low value loans can sometimes become high cost loans if you are not very careful. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls of short term loans.

Loan direct mail leads reader into ID fraud fears

'Junk mail' loan letters stopped over ID fraud fears

A loan company has been stopped from sending out junk mail claiming people have been turned down for credit.

Anger over Yes Loans

Yes Loans forced to refund customers

Wales-based Yes Loans has been forced to be clear with customers it is not a lender and make refunds easier.


Do missed credit card payments mean I can't get a personal loan?

A reader from Gloucester is worried missed credit card payments in the past will affect her chances of getting a loan.

Mervyn King said the Bank will "take all actions necessary"

Bank of England expands loan scheme

The Bank of England is expanding the range of collateral it will accept as security against loans made to banks.

Loans: Credit refusals up

Credit refusals up in 2007

The number of Brits refused credit last year rose as borrowing became harder.

People are taking out debt consolidation and bad credit loans are finding themselves worse off

Bad credit loans – the dos and don'ts

People are taking out debt consolidation and bad credit loans are finding themselves worse off.

In the first 3 months of 2007 some 30,075 Britons have become insolvent

More than 10,000 a month go bankrupt

In the first three months of the year some 30,075 Britons have become insolvent.

The government should act to help poor Britons get access to cheap loans

Govt 'must act' on expensive loans

An influential group of MPs has called on the government to do more to tackle expensive lenders and loan sharks.


Bad credit loans

A bad credit loan is a loan designed for someone with a poor credit history or county court judgements (CCJs) and is therefore refused unsecured personal loans by many providers.

150 MPs have signed a motion to cap interest rates on doorstep loans

MPs call for a cap on doorstep loans

A campaign to cap the interest rates charged by doorstep lenders has received the backing of more than 150 MPs.

Credit unions are helping poorer Britons

Credit unions help financially excluded Brits

Credit unions are helping those excluded from mainstream finances.

There is no such thing as a credit black list

Credit blacklists do not exist

There is no such thing as a credit blacklist, which bars people from getting credit cards or taking out loans.

There are many myths surrounding credit reports

Credit report myths debunked

The concept of a credit blacklist on which a credit reference agency lists people who it deems should not be given credit, is a myth.

Britons are being overcharged for doorstep loans

Doorstep lenders charging £100m 'too much'

People taking out small loans from doorstep lenders are paying too much, the Competition Commission has said today.

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