Auto Enrolment

The OFT is to investigate defined contribution pension schemes

OFT to probe new auto-enrolment company pension schemes

Auto-enrolment is gradually being introduced, increasing the number of people using company pension schemes, so the OFT is launching a study to protect savers.

Auto-enrolment pension savers are likely to be risk-averse

Pension savings to become risk-averse due to auto-enrolment

Pension professionals expect pension savings to become more risk-averse due to low earners not wanting to put their savings a t risk under auto-enrolment.

The gender gap in pension savings is increasing, according to Scottish Widows

Pension savings gender gap at record high as women fail to save

Women are saving less for their retirement as they focus on paying off existing debt, according to a new pensions survey from Scottish Widows.

Steve Webb says he will be watching pension charges "like a hawk"

Auto-enrolment could be scuppered by high charges on old schemes

A new report by the Pensions Institute warns that the success of auto-enrolment could be put at risk if employers use old defined-contribution schemes that have high charges.

Annuity rates have dropped by 7% in just three months

Record drop in annuity rates risks success of auto-enrolment

New research from MGM Advantage shows that annuity rates have dropped by seven per cent in just three months, the largest drop since MGM began tracking the rates three years ago.

Auto-enrolment is here! How will it affect you?

Auto-enrolment is here: How will it affect you?

Auto-enrolment started this week, initially only for employers with more than 120,000 employees but it will be gradually rolled out to almost all employers by 2018.

Auto-enrolment begins today

Pensions: Auto-enrolment begins today for biggest firms

The government's new pension scheme, auto-enrolment starts today for the UK's biggest companies and it is hoped more than four million people will be using it by May 2014.

Auto-enrolment aims to get Brits saving for retirement

Can auto-enrolment transform the UK pensions landscape?

Auto-enrolment begins on Monday 1st October 2012. It will be gradually introduced over five years and is designed to encourage employees to save for their retirement.

Dr Ros Altmann of Saga says people have lost faith in pensions

Can auto-enrolment reverse the decline in pension savings?

Official figures show that the number of people saving into a private pension has fallen below three million for the forst time since records began. Can auto-enrolment save the day?

Employees are realising that they need to save more for retirement

Pensions survey shows workers willing to pay more

Auto-enrolment is still a mystery to the majority of employees but the amount they are prepared to pay into a pension has doubled in the last year from £37.50 to £76.95.

The ABI is calling for transparent pension charges

ABI calls for pension charges to be made transparent

The Association of British insurers has detailed its proposals to ensure that all pension charges are clear and transparent ahead of auto-enrolment.

Pensions remarks 'badly timed' says ABI

Labour’s warning over pension charges slammed as misleading

Labour’s warning that hidden charges would eat away at pension pots is “hugely misleading”, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Pensioners to be insured against market falls

Plans to insure workers’ pensions again fluctuating markets

Brits could be allowed to insure their pensions to prevent stock market falls eroding their savings, under new Government proposals.

Workplace pension changes 'will spur savers'

Pensions revolution ‘will kick-start savings culture’

The introduction of pension auto-enrolment later this year should be a “watershed moment” in tackling Britain’s savings gap, a new report by the ABI suggests.

The OECD reports that the new global state pension age is expected to be 67

OECD says 67 will be new global state pension age

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says that state pensions have to be linked to life expectancy and countries should encourage auto-enrolment into pension schemes.

Auto-enrolment begins on October 1 2012

Seven in 10 workers unaware of auto-enrolment pension plans

Millions of employees will be auto-enrolled in a workplace pension scheme this year, yet 68 per cent of workers have little knowledge of the impending changes.

Projected retirement income is lower for women, according to the Prudential

One in six people retiring will rely solely on state pension

New research from the Prudential reveals that one in six peoplke retiring this year have no private pension provision and that the problem is worse for women.

UK employees pension saving has declined sharply since 1999

Pension saving in the UK falls to lowest level for 12 years

Just 38 per cent of UK workers are saving into a private pension, the lowest level since 1999 as high inflation and low wage rises put the squeeze on spare money.

Firms that employ fewer than 50 people will be given extra time to implement auto-enrolment

Auto-enrolment pensions delay will affect up to four million people

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that firms that employ fewer than 50 people will have an extra 13 months to implement the new system.

Auto-enrolment could be delayed due to the state of the economy

Government could delay auto-enrolment pension reforms

The government is considering delaying the introduction of auto-enrolment in October 2012 as the economy is so weak employers and employees can't afford it at the moment.

Pension products need to serve auto-enrolled members

Pensions Regulator sets out strategy for next three years

Pension products need to serve members' interests more than ever as auto-enrolment sees more Britons save for retirement, the industry regulator suggests.

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