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Investment Trusts or Unit Trusts?

Unit Trusts vs Investment Trusts – What are the options?

Charles Roberts is a UK based IFA who writes for various journals and publications. He recommends choosing an ISA as it is perfect for putting away a lump sum, tax free.

How will the new gender ruling affect your car insurance?

Infographic: How has gender affected your car insurance?

MoneySupermarket has produced this interactive infographic that shows how much the new gender ruling that equalises car insurance payments affects you region-by-region in the UK.

When teenagers leave home, what do you do with all their stuff?

What happens to your kids valuables when they leave home?

Millions of pounds worth of items are left behind when kids flee the nest but a new partnership between Lloyds TSB and Shelter aims to put these items to good use.

Keep up to date on the new ATOL changes affecting travel insurance

How is your travel insurance affected by ATOL changes?

Recent changes to the protection offered by ATOL for flights and holidays have some benefits, but do they replace the security of a comprehensive travel policy?

petrol prices have reached a record high

Breaking down the cost of UK fuel have produced this infographic that details fuel production globally, how UK prices compare to the rest of Europe and how fuel prices have increased in the UK over the past 20 years.


5 Common Questions When Making PPI Claims

PPI (otherwise known as Payment Protection Insurance) has been mis sold to millions of people throughout the UK who are often unaware that they could be entitled to claim back thousands. Below are the five most common questions people have when deciding whether or not to make PPI claims.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance – why bother with the extra expense?

Going on holiday is a luxury that many people are struggling to afford in the current economic climate.

Credit cards

Is now the right time to apply for a credit card?

Considering just how nervous everyone is at the moment about job security, the rise in VAT and spiralling fuel and food costs, applying for a credit card seems to be a foolhardy exercise that will only lead to more personal debt.

Avoid home insurance mistakes

Avoid simple home insurance mistakes

Unfortunately, that convenience may come at a serious price: the invalidation of many people's home insurance policies.

Barclays Bank

Business plans

So you have a great idea for your business and you're ready to get going. But your idea is rarely enough; a successful business requires you to get to grips with all areas of a company's responsibilities.

The CCCCS can give advice if you are in debt

Unemployed Trapped with Massive Debts

If you are unemployed and also have large personal debts the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) may be able to dive you advice.

Have you got enough life insurance?

Having adequate life insurance in place is of utmost importance should the worst happen. Anyone who has dependants needs to be properly protected; by investing in a life insurance policy.

Tenant rent arrears mean many landlords have to regain their properties

Rent arrears snowball debt problems

Rent arrears due to bad debts are the primary reason that landlords have to regain their properties.

Self-employed people need to consider life insurance

Why self-employed workers need life insurance

Applications for life insurance have increased during 2010 for most sectors of society apart from the self-employed.

Choosing the right home contents insurance is vital

Do the sums add up?

Choosing the right home contents insurance policy is vital to ensure piece of mind over your most valuable possessions.

Save money by searching online

Saving money online

Online price comparison sites are a great way to save money on different financial products.

Accidents caused by icy conditions could be reduced

Winter driving – is it time to follow the European lead on tyres?

With the UK harsher winters of the last few years following the European lead on tyres could reduce accidents in the UK.

Flexible mortgages can fit in with your own lifestyle

Flex appeal

Flexible mortgages give you the opportunity to make overpayments or have a payment holiday as long as you keep to the terms of the agreement.

Cut down on winter energy costs

Make great savings

Follow these simple, everyday tips to make energy savings in the home.

Getting a good deal

Everybody loves a bargain, but how you can be sure that you're getting the best possible deals when it comes to paying for goods and services?


Selecting a Virgin broadband package

If you're looking to access the internet from the comfort of your home you may want to consider the range of deals that are on offer from Virgin broadband.


What to look for when it comes to selecting a cable deal

If you are keen to be able to watch digital television and access the internet, you may well be looking into taking out a cable package.


What to look for in a mobile phone contract

There are a vast number of price plans for mobile phones, so how can you be sure that you're getting a good deal on a contract?

Get your motorhome insured

Whether it is used for the odd weekend or for a month's travelling, it is vital that holidaymakers get their motorhomes insured so that they are protected should they be involved in an accident or have them burgled.

How to find cheap caravan insurance

As anyone with a caravan or motor home will know, it can be difficult to find the best deal when it comes to insurance.

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