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Would it be sensible to repay my mortgage straight away as I have the funds?

Put your questions to's mortgage expert

A reader from Scotland is asking for advice on whether he should repay the outstanding balance immediately or continue repaying over the fifteen year term.

A parent wants to know how she can help her daughter keep her home after a marriage break-up

Ask the Expert your mortgage questions

A reader wants to know if she can be the guarantor on her daughters mortgage so that her daughter can keep her home after her marriage break-up.

How can I help my partner settle a joint mortgage dispute with her ex?

Ask the's mortgage expert

A reader from Gillingham wants some advice on how his partner's ex can be removed from a mortgage and how a settlement can be agreed.

Is it better to save in a savings account or pay off more of the mortgage?

A reader from Barrow would like to know if it is better to save in a savings account or pay off more of the mortgage before they look to upsize their home later in the year.

Will overpaying on a ten year fixed-rate interest only mortgage reduce the capital?

A reader from Cambridge wants to know if overpaying on an interest-only ten year fixed mortgage will help reduce the capital owed at the end of the term.

If my name is on a mortgage in a property I don't reside in, am I held liable?


A reader from Peterborough wants to know if late payments on a mortgage on the house she used to reside in with her mother will affect future mortgage chances.

Can I sell my mortgage to a third party for cash?


A reader from Essex wants to know if her boyfriend can sell his half of a property with his ex to her granddad for cash.

Can I be named on a new mortgage while I keep my current mortgage with a view to rent?


A reader from South Yorkshire wants to buy a property jointly with his girlfriend and rent out the property he already has mortgaged.

I want to let my flat, but I'm in negative equity. Do I tell the mortgage lender?


A reader from Scotland wants to move in with her partner and rent out her flat.

Will student debts hit mortgage chances?


A reader from Luton is planning to study, but is worried about how student debts will hit his mortgage chances after graduation.

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