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Does home insurance cover me for problems with my roof?

Put your questions to's insurance experts

A woman from Carlisle wants to check if her home insurance policy covers a plastering problem affecting the ceiling that means part of her roof needs replacing.

A trainee photographer is looking to buy a second car for work and wants to know the insurance implications

Put your questions to's insurance expert

A reader from Cumbria who wants is training to be a photographer is planning to purchase a new vehicle and will be making modifications to the vehicle and wants to check on the insurance implications.

The administrator of a charity that uses many domestic appliances wants to know what the best type of insurance policy would be.

Put your questions to's insurance expert

A reader from Rugby wants to find out the best type of domestic appliance insurance to buy that covers all of the products that his charity owns.

Would it be sensible to repay my mortgage straight away as I have the funds?

Put your questions to's mortgage expert

A reader from Scotland is asking for advice on whether he should repay the outstanding balance immediately or continue repaying over the fifteen year term.

A parent wants to know how she can help her daughter keep her home after a marriage break-up

Ask the Expert your mortgage questions

A reader wants to know if she can be the guarantor on her daughters mortgage so that her daughter can keep her home after her marriage break-up.

How can I help my partner settle a joint mortgage dispute with her ex?

Ask the's mortgage expert

A reader from Gillingham wants some advice on how his partner's ex can be removed from a mortgage and how a settlement can be agreed.

Is it better to save in a savings account or pay off more of the mortgage?

A reader from Barrow would like to know if it is better to save in a savings account or pay off more of the mortgage before they look to upsize their home later in the year.

Will overpaying on a ten year fixed-rate interest only mortgage reduce the capital?

A reader from Cambridge wants to know if overpaying on an interest-only ten year fixed mortgage will help reduce the capital owed at the end of the term.

Am I covered with my insurance company for bad workmanship?

A reader had some repairs done at home after a water leak but believes the repairs were not carried out to a sufficient standard and wants to know what redress he may have.

Will my holiday be covered if there is political unrest?

A reader wants to know if thier holiday to Morocco will be covered by travel insurance if there is political unrest in the country as has been seen recently in neighbouring countries

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