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Mark Hollands

Company:London Money Mark Hollands

Mark Hollands has over 15 years industry experience as a mortgage advisor, national sales manager before joining London Money as a residential & commercial mortgage broker in Central London.;

Mike Jones

Company:Lloyds Mike Jones

Mike Jones is the sales director for the UK's leading lender, Lloyds Banking Group – representing brands including Halifax, Lloyds TSB, Cheltenham and Gloucester and Birmingham Midshires.;

Further Questions

Can I sell my mortgage to a third party for cash?

A reader from Essex wants to know if her boyfriend can sell his half of a property with his ex to her granddad for cash.

Can I be named on a new mortgage while I keep my current mortgage with a view to rent?

A reader from South Yorkshire wants to buy a property jointly with his girlfriend and rent out the property he already has mortgaged.

I want to let my flat, but I'm in negative equity. Do I tell the mortgage lender?

A reader from Scotland wants to move in with her partner and rent out her flat.

Will student debts hit mortgage chances?

A reader from Luton is planning to study, but is worried about how student debts will hit his mortgage chances after graduation.

My partner needs to drop his ex off the mortgage?

A reader from Walsall's partner is looking to take his ex off the mortgage.

How long does it take to complete a remortgage?

A reader from Southampton is waiting for a remortgage to go through.

When should I tell my lender I am in trouble?

A reader from Norwich is struggling with his mortgage but is not sure whether to tell his mortgage lender.

Will a government-backed mortgage lender by tougher or easier?

A reader from High Wycombe wants to know if it will be easier to get a mortgage with government owned mortgage lender.

Should I organise a mortgage if rates will drop?

A reader wants to know whether he should organise a mortgage now – or wait for interest rates to drop.

Tracker or fixed-rate remortgage?

A reader is coming to the end of a fixed-rate deal and wants to know whether to remortgage with a tracker or another fixed rate mortgage.

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