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How can I diversify my pension savings in a risk-averse way?

Need help with a pensions question? Then ask the expert

A 66-year-old man wants advice on how to diversify his pension fund so that the growth matches his income-drawdown requirements.

Can I sell my pension fund?

Got a pension issue? Then ask the expert

A 46-year-old man wants to know if he can sell his pension fund valued at £80,000 immediately.

Universal Credit welfare and benefits changes begin

Universal Credit, the new benefits system is being introduced

Major changes to the UK's welfare and benefits system are being introduced in a pilot scheme in Greater Manchester where the Universal Credit system is being tested.

MPs recommend just one pensions regulator

MPs want an end to unfair pension fund charges

A new report by the Work and Pensions Committee is calling for just one regulator and an end to unfair pension fund charges.

Pension savings rise but not by enough, says ONS

The ONS reports pensions savings are rising

The latest update of the Office for National Statistics Pensions Trends report shows that 76 per cent of households are saving for a pension but experts say it is not enough.

Benefit changes help cause unemployment rise to 2.56 million

Unemployment went up by 70,000 in the three months to Feb 2013

The latest set of employment data shows a bigger than expected increase in unemployment and the lowest rate of wage increases for over three years.

Minimum wage rises by 1.9% to £6.31ph

The minimum wage will go up by 12p an hour from October 2013

The national minimum wage has been increased by 12p an hour to £6.31, a rise of 1.9 per cent against average pay rises of 1.0 per cent for most other workers.

A quarter of employees have lost track of a company pension

Help is available if you have lost track of a pension

New research reveals that 25 per cent of all adults believe they have lost track of at least one of their company pensions, a problem becoming more common as we work for more firms.

Executive pay fuelled by "bonus boom" despite economic malaise

City pay rises are being fuelled by bonuses

The pay of top executives has risen by 15.8 per cent over the last 12 months, mainly due to bonuses, whilst the pay of other executives went up by just three per cent.

BDO: UK recruitment plans for private sector at 19-month high

A new survey suggests private sector recruitment intentions are rising

A new survey by accountants BDO shows that private sector hiring intentions have reached a 19-month high but the manufacturing sector remains a cause for concern.

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