PIPA rates are available on standard and enhanced terms

LV= boosts investment linked annuity rates

Retirement specialist LV= has announced increases of up to 20 per cent on its investment linked Pension Income Plus Annuity rates.

New annuity service announced by Nationwide

Nationwide unveils new annuity service

Nationwide is going head to head with the UK's high street banks by launching a new annuity service, offering plans from six major providers.

Gold holds its value against inflation

Gold may be a better investment than a pension for retirement

Increasing life expectancy means we will all have to work longer but savvy investments could enable you to shave off the extra years work and retire at 65.

Annuity rates dropped sharply in 2011, according to a report by the Prudential

Annuity rates fall by 8% in 2011 hitting retirement incomes

A report by Prudential reveals that annuity rates fell by eight per cent in 2011 meaning that the annual income that can be bought with a lump sum has dropped sharply.

Find out how to maximise your retirement income

How to protect your retirement income

Choosing to buy an annuity through the open market option is one way of getting a better deal for your retirement. Kate Saines explains how to get the most out of your pension.

Pension incomes could fall due to a fall in gilt yields

Pension incomes fall by 35% as gilt yields drop

Pensioners about to drawdown annuities or who face an annual review could see incomes fall by 35 per cent as gilt yields fall to a record low and new rules take effect.

Pensions are a dull subject but if you get it right you'll thank yourself in old age

Take control of your pension, don't ignore it!

The mere mention of pensions seems to make the UK collectively mist over, but with a small amount of research and a few hours focus a year you can control your future.

Pensioners could enjoy a much bigger retirement income if they shop around, the ABI has said

ABI urges Britons to shop around for the best annuity

The Association of British Insurers has said it is more vital than ever for individuals to look for the best deal on their annuity rather than opting for their existing provider.

People coming up to retirement are concerned about the fall in value of their investments

Market crash means pensions and ISAs drop in value by over 10%

Falls in the value of shares means someone retiring now would receive 14 per cent less for their annuity than they would have in January 2011.

New research reveals that one in three UK workers is not saving for a pension

One in three UK workers aren't saving for a pension

Research by the Prudential reveals that one in three UK employees are not saving for a pension and missing out on an average of £15,000 in tax relief over the course of their working lives.

Iain Duncan Smith aims to simplify the pension system

IDS to announce £140 flat-rate pension plans

Iain Duncan Smith, the Works and Pensions Secretary, will announce today in a speech to Age UK that the pension system needs to be simplified and people encouraged to save for their retirement.

The ECJ ruling will mean higher car insurance costs for women

How the ECJ gender ruling will affect your insurance

Today's ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that makes it unlawful to set different insurance premiums using gender as a basis will see women pay more for insurance.

Problems with debt and pensions were the nation's biggest regrets, figures show

Debt problems 'biggest regret for Brits in 2010'

Brits have highlighted debt problems as their biggest regret of 2010, new figures have suggested.

Dr Altmann warned that plans to scrap compulsory annuitisation will not benefit the `vast majority` of savers.

End of compulsory annuity purchase 'will not help most savers'

The government's proposal to scrap the requirement to purchase an annuity by the age of 75 will provide no benefit to the "vast majority" of those affected by the pensions crisis, according to one expert.

Conventional annuity rate 'has fallen by 8% since June 2009'

The average rate of conventional annuity has fallen by almost eight per cent since June 2009, research has revealed.

Only around two per cent of retirees will be affected by plans to scrap compulsory annuity purchase at 75, it has been claimed.

Scrapping mandatory annuity purchase "a red herring"

Scrapping the requirement to purchase an annuity by the age of 75 is a "red herring" in the debate over pensions, as it is likely to affect only around two per cent of retirees, according to one expert.

The manifesto calls for measures to encourage medium and long-term saving.

Parties urged to back "savings manifesto"

Following prime minister Gordon Brown's decision to call a general election on May 6th, one company has launched its own "savings manifesto" calling on all the main political parties to commit themselves to increasing the public's use of medium and long-term investment vehicles.

Recent research from Aviva has highlighted a worrying amount of ignorance about annuities

Why you need to think carefully about an annuity

With recent research showing "pre-retirees" are financially worse of than those already retired and confusion over what annuities are, Kate Saines investigates this complex financial product to explain why we all need to think about them more carefully.

The ABI says pensions rules around annuities need to change

Pension rules need to change says ABI

The rules regarding retirement income are not fit for purpose a new report from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) claims.

Age Concern and Help the Aged have called for a radical shake up of annuities to help the poorest

Charities call for annuity shake-up

Age Concern and Help the Aged are calling for a radical shake-up of the annuities market to help those with small pensions get a better deal.

Pensioners are losing out by not shopping around for a good deal on annuities

Why it's important to shop around for your annuity

Savers are not getting the best value out of their workplace pension schemes because they are not getting enough information, according to the Pensions Regulator.

Pension scheme failing to outline options

30% of company pensions 'breach retirement rules'

Some 30 per cent of company pensions are breaching retirement disclosure regulations, the Pensions Regulator has claimed.

Complex financial products could lead to confusion

Pensioners at risk from 'complex' annuities

Retirees are at risk from being missold annuities as pension products become more complex, the Financial Services Consumer Panel (FSCP) has warned.


Aegon: Annuity income assured

Aegon has launched a new investment plan to provide a guaranteed income for people in their retirement.

Crunch bites pensioners

Pensioners expect shortfall in 2009

Around 3.25 million UK adults who plan to retire this year will get £2.87 billion less in their pensions than those who retired in 2008.

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