American Express launches new cash-back credit card

Thursday, 18 August 2011 08:56

American Express has launched a new credit card with 1.25 per cent cash-back on all purchases and a 2.5 per cent introductory rate for the first three months.

The new Platinum Cashback Credit Card is designed to reward long-term loyalty, especially through its special bonus for those that are still carrying the card after a year.

During their anniversary month, customers get double cash-back of 2.5 per cent, with no upper limit to the amount that can be earned.

At all other times, the cash-back upper limit is £100.

Julie Hay, head of credit cards at American Express said: "In recent years there has been a trend of regular credit card switching to benefit from short term introductory rates.

"However, this product is about rewarding customers over the long-term, so that year in, year out, customers who use the card continue to reap the benefits of a consistently good cash-back rate," she added.

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