Alternative Investments

The 2012 wine vintages have been affected by weather

Wine drought provides opportunities for investors

The poor weather in 2012 led to a fall in output which could see a price hike for this years vintage but it also provides opportunities for investors.

How will bank announcements affect gold?

Gold hits highest level for two weeks ahead of Bank decision

Gold reached its highest price for two weeks ahead of today’s announcements on interest rates by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England.

Banks flock to gold amid Eurozone woes

Central banks buy up gold as safe haven from Euro

Central banks in emerging economies are snapping up gold as a safe haven against the potential collapse of the Eurozone, latest IMF figures indicate.

Facebook is going public in the second largest IPO in history

Facebook shares will cost $38 as company valued at $104bn

Social networking site Facebook has announced that it will offer around 420 million shares at $38 each valuing the firm at $104 billion.

Give me a dart and i'll show you what to do!

Can a monkey with a pin outperform investment experts?

Pete Comley, author of a new book called 'Monkey with a pin' explains his perspective on why so many investors fail to earn the returns they expect.

Gold is likely to increase in value during turbulent economic periods

Gold remains a good investment in 2012

Gold is a finite resource that is likely to continue to increase in value whether as a hedge against current economic conditions or as a longer-term investment.

The 2009 wine vintage has just been scored by Robert Parker

Investing in wine in 2012: The Vin-X verdict

Earlier this month influential wine critic Robert Parker delivered his verdict on the 2009 vintage. talks to Shakeshaft of Vin-X, Fine Wine Investment Brokers, to find out more about this year’s market.

The technology sector is, on balance, growing, in tough times

Is now the time to invest in technology funds?

The UK and global technology sectors have outperformed many other investment markets in recent years helped by tax reliefs and changing consumer behaviour.

Alternative investments can provide investors with a tangible asset

Alternative investments can provide a real buzz as well as profit

Alternative investments can provide security of holding a physical asset, a sense of worth or even a hobby as well as profit and can also allow investors to bypass banks.

Subway plans to create 6,000 jobs in the UK & Ireland by 2015

Subway to offer 600 new UK franchises creating 6,000 jobs

Fast-food chain Subway wants to open 600 new franchises in the UK & Ireland by 2015, creating 6,000 new jobs.

Gold holds its value against inflation

Gold may be a better investment than a pension for retirement

Increasing life expectancy means we will all have to work longer but savvy investments could enable you to shave off the extra years work and retire at 65.

Gold increased in value in 2011, will it do so in 2012?

Why gold will increase in value in 2012

Gold will increase in value this year because the fundamentals which are responsible for the gold price increasing are still firmly in place heading in to 2012.

Alternative investments can be a safer investment in times of stock market turmoil

What are alternative investments?

Simon Greenspan, former futures trader at Tullett Brown, explains the concept of Alternative Investments and why they are so important to a diverse portfolio.

Gold is an investment that traditionally holds its value

The value of what a gold investment can buy you never changes

An investment in gold is unlikely to lose value because precious metals hold value no matter what happens to currency rates or how much money is printed.

Barclays Wealth launches new Regular Income Bond

Barclays Wealth launches new Regular Income Bond

A new Regular Income Bond has been launched by Barclays Wealth that aims to give investors a competitive return on their money.

Currency trading has taken off in popularity in the last five years

Market turmoil encourages huge increase in DIY traders

The financial crisis since 2008 and the turmoil of the stock markets has encouraged many people to have a go at trading themselves as the process has been demystified.

Silver has outperformed gold so far in 2011

Gold: It's not the only precious metal investment option!

Gold has fallen in value in the last few weeks, but that is likely to be temporary. However, there is another precious metal that has outperformed gold in 2011.

Manchester United Football Club have been given approval to float on the Singapore stock exchange

Glazer's aim to control Manchester United by selling shares without voting rights

Manchester United Football Club has been given clearance for a £600 million flotation on the Singapore stock exchange but reports say that two thirds of shares to be issued will exchange voting rights for a higher dividend.

Gold reached record values yesterday

Gold reaches value of £1,000 an ounce for first time ever

The value of gold reached record levels of $1,607 yesterday as investors looked to invest in a safe haven amid concerns over the US defaulting on its debt and the eurozone debt crisis spreading.

The UK's first gold vending machine opened in London this week

First UK gold vending machine opens in London

The UK's first vending machine for gold opened up in Westfield Shopping Centre, West London this weekend allowing investors to purchase coins or gold bars.

Find out more about alternatives to mainstream banks

The best alternatives to banks

With confidence in the big UK banks perhaps at an all-time low we take a look at what are the best alternatives available, from credit unions to P2P to friendly societies, there are other options.

Franchises are a proven business model

An introduction to franchises

With the British Franchise Exhibition coming up in June we speak to Tom Endean from the British Franchise Association who explains the franchise business model and why it increases the chances of a business succeeding.

The value of gold continues to rise

Price of gold continues to rise

The price of gold continues to rise as the weak dollar, high inflation and political uncertainties mean the 'safe haven' of gold continues to attract investors.

Many Britons are not saving for retirement

Boosting your retirement fund: Alternatives to pensions

Saving for retirement is not something that appeals to Britons. Research from Defaqto shows 40% of us are not saving anything towards our retirement but there are alternatives to traditional pensions as Kate Saines explains.

The value of gold has reached $1,500 an ounce

Gold reaches value of $1,500 an ounce

The value of gold is continuing to rise as uncertainty about the global economic recovery encourages investors to use the precious metal as a haven.

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