Alliance & Leicester: £100 for new customers

Wednesday, 06 January 2010 12:00

Alliance & Leicester is once again offering a £100 incentive to new customers switching to its Premier Current Account.

It is re-introducing the cash back scheme, which is available to account-holders whose funds are topped up with £500 each month, next Monday, January 11th.

As well as the £100 bonus, the Premier Current Account also offers a fee-free agreed overdraft for 12 months, free annual European travel insurance and 0.5 per cent credit interest.

Helen Palmer, head of current accounts, said: “People set themselves all kinds of New Year resolutions – and some relate to improving your wealth.

“If they switch to an A&L Premier Current Account they can go a small way to improving their finances with a £100 cash bonus, which could help them make a good start to the New Year.”

The bonus will be paid to customers who have transferred direct debits and standing orders from their previous account to the Premier account. The £100 payment will then be made within 11 weeks of opening the account.

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