AA offers free Drive Smart tuition to ‘black box’ motorists

Tuesday, 26 June 2012 09:35

By Kay Carson

Motorists who have signed up for the AA’s telematic or black box ‘pay how you drive’ insurance are to be offered free Drive Smart tuition.

The insurer said drivers with the new insurance scheme, which launched in March, are already demonstrating that they are safer on the road than the average motorist, with the first tranche of policyholders receiving refunds on their premiums.

However, the system shows that many drivers take a while to get used to the concept of thinking about their driving style in relation to road conditions ahead, while a few are showing little or no improvement in their driving standard at all.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said that offering Drive Smart tuition could help new motorists to start driving in a way that will improve their safety and the safety of other road users from the outset.

“If they can immediately demonstrate an improving standard of driving they are significantly reducing the risk of having a crash,” he said. “They also stand to be rewarded with a decent refund, bringing down the premiums that they pay.”

He added: “The best new drivers could see their first year’s premium halved, taking into account both their no-claim and good driving bonus.”


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