A guide to unlocking your pension

Friday, 12 August 2011 03:05

A guide to unlocking your pension

A guide to unlocking your pension

Preparing for the future and ensuring you have the finances in place to support you is something that we all understand the importance of. However, sometimes it is the here and now that is more of a concern, which may prompt you to consider whether you should sell your pension.

If you are watching your debts slide out of control and want to pull yourself back into the black so that you can really focus on saving and investing in your future, getting cash for your pension could be one option.

Through this, you could generate the money you need to get your finances back on stable ground again.

However, it is not just times of fiscal strife that can prompt us to look at ways to raise cash without getting into debt, but also when things are going well.

If you are now nearing the end of your working life and feel your monetary situation is stable and that you have everything in place to ensure your future is comfortable, you may wish to access any cash you have locked up in a pension scheme and use it to treat yourself.

You may even require it to put into your business, either to clear away existing debts or to help it grow and flourish.

Indeed, there are so many reasons why people decide to take this action, the only point you may not be clear on is how it is done – so here is a guide.

Whether you have an occupational pension with final salary defined benefits, a small self-administered scheme, a self-invested personal pension or private pension plan, there is a way in which you can release some or all of the value stored in it.

By contacting a dedicated and experienced planning specialist, you will be able to get hold of the information you require to extract the full sum – all tax-free.

Whether you are acting on behalf of a business or as an individual, these experts should be able to arm you with the knowledge you need to access 100 per cent of your pension funds.

If you have ever attempted unlocking your pension alone, you may have quickly discovered barriers standing in your way.

The first is that in most cases you must be over the age of 55 – which may be of little help if you are in your late 40s or early 50s and know your money is sitting there.

Furthermore, if you do mange to unlock it you will probably only receive 25 per cent of your nest egg as a lump sum, with the remainder paid through instalments.

And you may even face a penalty charge for cashing in the vehicle early.

It is for these reasons that seeking expert guidance is so important. Make sure you select an experienced team of planners with a good track record who will take into account your personal circumstances when advising you.

If your pension fund is worth £80,000 or more, don't just let it sit there while you struggle financially – find the specialist planners you need to unlock what is yours.

Before you know it, you could have the money you need to clear your debts, purchase a new property or inject your business with cash – and all without taking a single step into the red.



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    Preparing for the future and ensuring you have the finances in place to support you is something that we all understand the importance of. However, sometimes it is the here and now that is more of a concern, which may prompt you to consider whether you should sell your pension.

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