A CBD Investment Guide 2021

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an extract of cannabis. It has taken the United States market by storm with the many products that are available to users. Keen investors have noted that, and apparently, they are hungry for the growth of products from the cannabinoids component. 

Thanks to the passing of the 2018 farm bill, the critical change for hemp and its derivatives is connected to the rush for CBD products in the states. Manufacturers, retailers, and users have been encouraged to accept the market opportunities of hemp-derived CBD due to the farm bill being passed.

CBD Investment Guide: THC vs. CBD 

CBD is often described as the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. Specialists agree the most accurate way to distinguish it is that it doesn’t have the intoxicating effects that THC has. This is according to a report co-authored by Courtney Barnes, Corey Cox, Charles Alovisetti with Vicente Sederberg LLP.

Hemp-derived CBD has gathered the market’s attention by sales for original products, for instance, hemp oil and other dietary supplements items. On the other hand, THC offers the actual high for cannabis products reserved for recreational use.

CBD Investment Guide: Hemp Rush Has Seen Market Surge 

A joint report from BDS Analytics Market Research concluded that CBD sales are expected to exceed a total of US$20 billion in the US by 2024. Experts say that the CBD market’s growth forecast across all distribution channels expects a compound annual growth rate of 49% by 2024. The researcher’s highlight that CBD products’ success will depend on education for patients, a consistent label, and the type of dosing. 

The vice president of consumer insights with BDS Analytics, Jessica Lukas, noted that CBD sales have exploded in the past several months. She also said that there was still a long way to go in terms of manufacturer, retailer, and consumer knowledge. The improved interest in CBD sales has resulted in rapid market expansion for multi-state operators ( MSOs) in the US.

CBD investment Guide: The United States Food and Drug Administration Role

The United States Food and Drug Administration has supervised the increase of the US CBD market as a wide range of CBD novelty products have made their way into the market. The federal regulator has been issuing notices for any improper promises from manufacturers of any CBD items. The agency gave a request for public comments for improved regulations of these items.

During a hearing based on the public comments, acting FDA Commissioner, Ned Sharpless, said that given the new interest in marketing cannabis products across many areas that the FDA regulates, they would require carefully evaluating how the pieces fit together regards to how users might get cannabis products. The relationship between the FDA and this emerging market is not an easy one. The research done by Vicente Sederberg shows that while the FDA is investigating possible changes to its regulations on CBD products, the agency has currently gained jurisdiction over supplements, food, cosmetics, and drugs containing CBD.

CBD Investment Guide: Potential Treatment 

More research with marijuana consumption and treatments has been made possible by the expansion of medical marijuana and the variety of issues it helps treat. This includes pain and anxiety management. There is hope for the acceptance of medical marijuana use for the treatment of disorders. These include; Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, and multiple sclerosis. 

However, the industry is still in its early stages. The potential for medicine based on cannabis got a boost, all thanks to the approval of epidiolex, a CBD drug, by the FDA. Epidiolex is developed by GW Pharmaceuticals. It is meant to treat seizures related to Lennox – Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome in patients from two years of age and older. The drug underwent controlled clinical trials before being approved.

The firm announced that over 4,000 patients had completed enrollment forms for access to the drug. This was earlier this year only after two months of sales for the cannabidiol oil product. State programs have allowed medical marijuana to become accessible to users with different standards on how to buy it. 

Investors’ Takeaway

It has become evident that CBD products are an attractive market for publicly traded companies seeking to introduce growth areas into their business plans. Cannabis stocks have plummeted during the summer of 2019. Health problems from vaporizers- related deaths have affected the interest in this market. However, CBD sales offer a glimpse at the improved interest in these products. The market’s health and wellness element adds an originality factor that users are pursuing while retailers and wholesalers like Zamnesia.com aim to satisfy this need.


CBD is increasingly becoming a very valuable asset in today’s global business. As an investor, you consider the CBD industry. Just like discussed in this article, CBD can be a very lucrative industry to invest in. Weigh your options and who knows, you could make a good amount of money out of it!

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