5 Ways Identity And Access Management Can Improve The Running Of Your Business

Identity and Access management needs of business have evolved to become more complex with the various changes in the IT world. In recent times there have been several reports of security breaches of corporate firms and IT networks. The ever increasing number of high profile targets that have been vulnerable to attacks continues to drive the need for Identity and Access Management in businesses across the world. Proper Identity and access management solutions do more than just protect from security breaches. Here are a few ways IAM solutions can help smoothen the day to day running of your online business.

Easily attract more users

Changing the user login into your platform is one very effective way of increasing the chances that a new visitor to your site will sign on for your services. The ease with which a social login can be performed has been shown to increase the number of people that sign up for a service by as much as 20 %. It is not easy however to configure such a service across platforms for SSO, and the security risk is also a cause for worry.  Investing in a good Identity and Access Management system reduces the risks associated with this.

Business Information Security/ Personnel tracking

A central authentication and authorization such as the one provided by this federated authentication solutions company provide IT professionals with an easy and dependable method for managing user access to business data. If an employee leaves an organisation, IT administrators can easily invalidate their access to data in the centralized IAM solution. With the consolidated authentication, this ban will immediately take effect across all of the technology platforms integrated with that IAM platform.

Consolidate customer information

A customers information by default is usually collected over different media and as such spread out over different platforms. Analytics, email messaging, login information, and so on are stored separately. With the use of an Identity and Access management system, you get the ability to consolidate all the information into one profile. This gives you easier one step access to whatever customer information you might need.

Be up-to-date

Every day, technology emerges that has the potential to cause a radical change in the way we view and use our identity. You should always be ready to easily transition to whatever is the latest social login method or the best security protocol available. The use of biometrics plus data authorisation is becoming increasingly popular. Having a system in place that could utilise these trends will help your business image. Customers will have confidence in your security when they see that you use the newest login methods.

Reduced security costs

When you use a good identity and access management system, your business won’t need to invest in a 24-hour security detail or a fully staffed IT department (unless of course your business is IT). It affords you the opportunity to gain access to a wide range of security expertise from your Identity and access management provides, at the cost of a single retainer.

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