4 ways to cut your household bills by being greener

Environmental issues are at the forefront of many people’s minds at the moment, due to extensive media coverage and continued efforts to reduce harm to our planet. However, one factor many people don’t consider is how taking steps towards a greener home can reduce bills by a significant amount. In this short guide, we’ve outlined 5 quick and easy ways to reduce costs and ease the pressure on your conscience.

1. Reduce water usage

This might be easier said than done, especially because it’s on many people’s minds when it comes to reducing household bills. However, there are subtle change you can make that save water, and subsequent pounds;

– Fill the sink when washing up, rather than leaving it running

– Fix any leaky taps

– Only set the dishwasher and washing machine running when full

– Use baths sparingly and keep your showers to 5 minutes

By putting this advice in place, you’ll soon see your water usage drop significantly – and your bills.

2. Compost and recycle

Composting old kitchen scraps couldn’t be easier. It saves wastage, space in your bins, and creates a great soil fertiliser to use in your garden. The process is simple and can save you a fair amount of money on gardening products;

– Save vegetable peels, egg shells; essentially much any organic matter (this goes for garden trimmings as well)

– Place them outdoors in a container

– Add a touch of water, or let the rain do its magic, and you’ve got a great natural fertiliser

You should also make steps to recycling used products. You can actually make some money back from old ink cartridges, scrap metal and electronics. Gathering old phones is great and couldn’t be easier. Plus, it saves them taking up space by sitting in the drawer for months on end.

3. Your appliances

There’s a whole host of energy-saving appliances you can use. And solutions whether you’re looking for long-term saving by investing in larger appliances, or smaller short-term fixes;

– Energy-saving fluorescent lightbulbs can last 10 times longer than a regular bulb and use up to 90% less energy – Generally most appliances are now rated ‘A’ or above in energy consumption. If you’re really looking to cut down on energy, go for the higher ‘A++’ or ‘A+++’ rated appliances.

You should also make a habit of not leaving appliances on standby, as this can waste unnecessary electricity and increase your bills. You can even go as far as to unplug unused electrical items, which can drain energy even when not in use.

4. Reusable

Rather than throwing away and re-purchasing the smaller items, go reusable to save money on future purchases and prevent excess landfill. These items include;

– Reusable batteries are more expensive at first, but will save money long-term

– Rather than disposable razors, buy a permanent one

– Use a bag for life for your shopping trips

– Plastic containers rather than plastic wrap or tin foil

– Buy second clothes or give to a charity shop rather than the dump.

You may need to make a small initial investment, but before long you’ll reap the benefits of buying reusable. No more repeat purchases every week or so can really add up.

These tips will help you drastically cut your utility bills by eliminating unnecessary usage. Plus, cutting out extra purchases on products will no doubt be easier on your pocket and better for the environment.


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