4 Savvy Money Saving Tips for University Students

If you are heading to university this year or are currently studying for your degree, then money is going to be one of your top priorities. Any student will tell you that finances can often be very tight; student maintenance loans and grants usually only provide you with just enough to pay your rent and bills. Most students manage to live on a fairly tight budget, but if you want to be able to save up whilst studying or want to treat yourself from time to time, these savvy money saving tips will help you out.

Be Smart with Accommodation

Opting for the cheapest accommodation block might seem like the most sensible option, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, when you pay more for your accommodation, you will be able to save money elsewhere. For example, if you are looking for affordable student accommodation in a popular city such as Exeter, you can find student accommodation in this area offering on-site gyms, which you can use in order to save money on paying for a separate gym membership. Some top-end student accommodation blocks from providers like Collegiate even offer on-site cinemas, libraries, and much more – allowing you to save money on paying for these elsewhere.

Unlock Your Smartphone

Smartphones are, today, an essential for students – not only will you use your smartphone to keep in contact with your friends, play music at parties, and find your way around a new city; it can also be an essential learning tool. Your smartphone can be used to record your lectures, access your university’s app for learning materials, and you can find a wide range of apps to download that will help you keep on top of revision and assignment writing. But the last thing that you want is to be tied into a costly smartphone plan. Instead, have your smartphone unlocked so that you can shop around for the best SIM only deals and save money.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Signing up for all the student discount options that you can get is definitely a step worth taking for any student. NUS is a great option; although you’ll pay around £12 to get the card, it’s certainly worth the price when you think about the range of awesome discounts that you’ll be able to get on everything from clothing to travel. One free option that you might also want to consider is UniDays; this can be downloaded to your smartphone and will send you regular notifications about the latest deals, discounts and special offers. You’ll also get special student discount codes for when you’re shopping online with discounts on everything from dining out to new shoes.

Shop Around for Utilities

If you’re making the step of moving out of student halls and into a shared house, you’re probably going to be tasked with managing your own utility bills. Although many student houses now come with bills included, taking charge of them yourself can actually help to save you money since you’ll have the option to shop around for cheaper deals. Use comparison sites to see where you can save the most on gas and electric, broadband and TV, and insurance.

Student life can be expensive, but with savvy money management tips, you can still afford the little luxuries.

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